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Business Intelligence Consulting has been operating as a hands-on, practical option to resolving complex challenges since the early 1990's. Our teams are experienced and focused on your augmenting your business goals and resolving your concerns, in areas like human resource compliance and project management.


Since Early 1990's ...

Business Intelligence has been operating as a hands on, practical option to your human capital, program and project challenges. Our teams are experienced and focused in your business strategy; and solving human capital, human resources compliance, project management and concerns.
Going through a transition of systems or lines of business? Reduction in Force? Why not part as friends?
We provide affordable coaching strategies during employee transition periods. Some examples of transition include new information technology systems or different approaches to business. During reduction in force experiences, we can provide career coaching for outgoing team members.

As experts, we thrive in cultivating and linking leadership and legal compliance objectives with employee performance based on current emerging trends, best practices and relevant leadership models.
As contributors to a deeply interconnected world, we believe in keeping your solid business reputation. Part of this reputation and goodwill is to assist employees as they transition away from an expiring line of business.